Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dark Chocolate Chambord Truffles

I had some cream I needed to use, so what better fate could it end up with than as part of a delicious truffle? :)

Stacey's Dark Chocolate Chambord Truffle Ingredients:

8 oz cream, organic
2.5 oz glucose syrup
20 oz El Rey 61% dark chocolate couverture
2.5 tbs butter, organic
1 oz Chambord liqueur
Chocolate Flake
Turbinado Sugar, organic

I made these pretty much the same way as my other truffles, but I hand stirred instead of using the immersion blender with whisk attachment.  And, I gave them the same treatment as my Scharffen-Berger Chocolate Truffles. I'm not as big of a fan of the El Rey dark chocolate - I think Guittard has richer flavors, but the El Rey behaves well, and is just fine in truffle form.  

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  1. Now THAT is the final straw. Chambord is my favorite liqueur. How dare you not send me some. :D LOL