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That Almond Cake

Thought I'd do a variation of That Chocolate Cake... Stacey's That Almond Cake Ingredients: 2c sugar, organic 1c unbleached white flour, organic 3/4c whole wheat flour, organic 2 tbs cornstarch 3/4c almond flour 1 tsp salt 1 1/2 tsp baking soda 1 1/2 tsp baking powder 2 eggs, organic 1/2c sesame oil 2 tsp vanilla bean paste 1.5c whole milk (cream top organic) 1/2c boiling water 10x10" cake pan Parchment paper First, I preheated the oven to 350F and lined the cake pan with the parchment paper.  Then, I mixed all the dry ingredients together.  I slightly beat the eggs with the oil, and heated the milk with the vanilla in the microwave for about a minute - temp gun said it was about 90F.  I added the wet ingredients (minus the boiling water) into the dry ingredients and mixed.  Once it was mixed, I added the boiling water and stirred until it was combined.  It was really soupy, but I figured I'd just give it a try.  I poured it into the prepared 10x1

Photo -> Ink Drawing #1: Picnic

I went out to have a picnic with two of my best friends, Ester and Young out in Napa.  We brought Ester's dog Fergus and I took a picture. I've started a new hobby of trying to turn my photos into drawings (and maybe paintings someday when I have the time).  Here is my first (and perhaps only) attempt at an ink rendition. I did pencil first, since I tend to have problems with proportions, then filled in later with ink. You can click on the images for larger versions.

Mango Soap

Time for another soaping recipe!  I have so many soaping supplies/ingredients, I decided I can't buy any more soaping stuff until I use it all up. This recipe was to use my Fresh Mango fragrance oil from Bramble Berry . Stacey's Soap Recipe #B2 (b for blog) with Fresh Mango scent : ( results ) Solid Oils 13.44 oz Palm Oil (crisco or shortening) 5.76 oz Coconut Oil (76 deg) 2.56 oz Palm Kernel Oil / Flakes .64 oz Red Palm Butter Liquid Oils 8 oz Castor Oil 1.6 oz Olive Oil 12.12 oz distilled water 4.51 oz lye NaOH 1 oz Fresh Mango fragrance oil Glossy Tray Mold Old pot used only for soaping 3/17/11 - First I made my lye solution so it would have time to cool.  I always put the lye solution container into some ice water (make sure none of the ice water bath gets into the solution) to help it cool faster. Then I put all of my solid oils into the pot and melted them over low heat. Melted... Once the solid oils were melted, I added the liquid o