Tools & Ingredients

I try to link all of my tools and ingredients for my recipes in each post, but I thought it would be handy to have a page that lists all of my favorite things in one convenient spot.

Baking Ingredients:



Web Tools:
Suppliers: Most of these link to Amazon just so you can see what they look like, but since I have a business license and I bake a lot, I use a distributor to get my ingredients.
  • Pacific Gourmet is currently the most convenient for me for my baking
  • Wholesale Supplies Plus is one of the suppliers I use for soaping and lotion making
  • Bramble Berry is also a good place for soaping and lotion making supplies
  • The Lye Guy is where I get my lye for soaping
  • Tomric is where I get chocolate molds
  • Nuts Online is where I get lots of nuts if I can't find them locally or as inexpensive
These are my favorite cook books: