Monday, October 24, 2011

Strawberry Mango Chocolate Leaves

This was actually an experiment trying to create orange.  I was hoping that if I used freeze-dried powdered strawberries (red) and mangoes (yellow), that I could turn white chocolate orange. Turns out the mangoes are almost the same color as the white chocolate, so I just ended up with pink.  They taste pretty yummy though.

Stacey's Strawberry Mango Chocolate Leaf Ingredients:
9 oz Guittard white chocolate couverture
~ 1 oz freeze-dried strawberry / mango mixture (50/50)

So first I ground the fruit to a powder in a mortar and pestle like in my strawberry cream crunchies recipe. I used a leaf mold and made sure it was dry and clean (I rinsed it and wiped all the spots with a cloth - this is to make sure all the chocolates come out shiny, without watermarks from dried water droplets). Then I tempered some white chocolate and stirred the powder in.

I spooned the chocolate into the mold, jiggling the mold on the counter-top to make sure I released any bubbles.  I let the chocolate cool for a few hours and then turned the molds upside-down to release the chocolates.

When I was done, I got some pretty pink white chocolate leaves:

So, perhaps this is something for spring more than for fall.  :)

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