Sunday, January 8, 2012

Chocolate Drizzled Potato Chips

I made these the first time where I completely coated the chips, like I'd seen them do in some chocolate shops.  I really felt like it was too much chocolate so that I couldn't enjoy the chips.  And I really love chips almost more than chocolate.  I know, I know, calm down. Anyway, so I felt this was a much better way of enjoying both.

Stacey's Chocolate Drizzled Potato Chip Ingredients:
1 bag Sea Salt Kettle Chips (not the giant bag, and not the snack bag - the regular bag?)
Mix of Milk and Dark Guittard Chocolate couverture

I just tempered about maybe 12 ounces of chocolate to do this and also dip some TJ's jo-jos for a party I went to.  I spread the chips out evenly on a cookie sheet lined with plastic wrap and then using a fork, I drizzled the tempered chocolate over the chips.  After the chocolate on the chips cooled for a bit and hardened (maybe 5-10 minutes), I turned the chips over and drizzled the other side.

I liked this version much better than the chocolate dipped chips.  These had the right ratio of sweet : salty and chocolate : chip.  Seemed like it was a hit at the party too.  :)

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