Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spring Boxes

My awesome mom got some orders for me for Easter so I made a few Easter / Spring boxes. 

I've been fairly busy lately, so I didn't have a whole lot of time yet to post recipes for all of these, but a random smattering of these was in all the boxes.

Bailey’s Milk Chocolate Truffles
Guittard milk chocolate blended with organic cream and Bailey’s Irish Cream liquor. Covered in a milk chocolate shell.

Peanut Butter Meltaways
Guittard milk chocolate with organic peanut butter and coconut oil that melts luxuriously in your mouth.  Covered in a Guittard 64% dark chocolate shell.

Milk Chocolate Almond Caramels
Vanilla bean caramels topped with a toasted almond and then dipped in Guittard milk chocolate.

Dark Chocolate Pecan Caramels
Vanilla bean caramels topped with a toasted pecan and then dipped in Guittard dark chocolate.

Dark / Milk Salted Caramels
Vanilla bean caramels dipped in Guittard milk and dark chocolate, topped with a pinch of Australian Pink Flake salt.

Blueberry Creams - 3 variations of Guittard white chocolate ganache with blueberries
* rolled in delicate chocolate flake
* rolled in Guittard cacao nibs, chocolate flake, and organic turbinado sugar
* dipped in Guittard 64% dark chocolate, sitting on a bed of toasted almonds (pictured)

Toasted Pecan Clusters
toasted pecans, candied with a touch of cinnamon and nutmeg, dipped in Guittard dark chocolate

Mexican-Inspired Cinnamon Truffles
Guittard dark chocolate cinnamon truffles rolled in turbinado sugar and cacao nibs and then coated in more dark chocolate. Sprinkled with a touch of cinnamon.

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