Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mango Soap

Time for another soaping recipe!  I have so many soaping supplies/ingredients, I decided I can't buy any more soaping stuff until I use it all up.

This recipe was to use my Fresh Mango fragrance oil from Bramble Berry.

Stacey's Soap Recipe #B2 (b for blog) with Fresh Mango scent:
( results)
Solid Oils
13.44 oz Palm Oil (crisco or shortening)
5.76 oz Coconut Oil (76 deg)
2.56 oz Palm Kernel Oil / Flakes
.64 oz Red Palm Butter
Liquid Oils
8 oz Castor Oil
1.6 oz Olive Oil

12.12 oz distilled water
4.51 oz lye NaOH

1 oz Fresh Mango fragrance oil
Glossy Tray Mold
Old pot used only for soaping

3/17/11 - First I made my lye solution so it would have time to cool.  I always put the lye solution container into some ice water (make sure none of the ice water bath gets into the solution) to help it cool faster.

Then I put all of my solid oils into the pot and melted them over low heat.
Once the solid oils were melted, I added the liquid ones...
This time the oils were pretty hot - I didn't keep an eye on them like I should have.  Using my temp gun I determined the oils were 120F when I added the lye solution, which was at 100F.
You can see the cloudy bottom - the lye solution sinks.  Then I used my hand blender to mix the lye solution and oils.
I even took a video of it so you know what it looks like when it's being blended.
Once it got to trace, it was ready to have the fragrance oil added. I also took a video of trace so that you know what it looks like.  Basically, it looks like pudding and when you drag your scraper through it, it leaves a "trace."
Next, I added the Fresh Mango fragrance oil.
After that was all mixed, I poured it into the mold. And then I put it on a cool box top I had so that I could take a picture of it looking like the sun.
Pretty proud of myself.  Not only does it look like pudding, it looks like <i>mango</i> pudding.  The perfect shade of mango on the first try.  It also smells deliciously like mango pudding.  Self-hi-five. Huh, what do you know, I clapped for myself. :)

5/7/11 - It was ready back on April 17th, but I've been a little busy.  In any case, I used my soap stamp on top and cut them into nice little cubes.

Smells great in the shower and has a nice lather.  I think I'd use this recipe again. 


  1. wow this is pretty crazy. is it safe to use the same pots/blenders for food? or do you have to keep it separate?

  2. Have to have everything separate, unfortunately. :( So I have dedicated soaping instruments.